Humidity Meters & Hygrometers

  • Extech 44550 Pocket Humidity/Temperature Pen

    Extech 44550 Pocket Humidity/Temperature Pen

    Built-in sensors provide simultaneous readings of Relative Humidity and Temperature The 44550 is a pen style humidity and temperature meter. Featuring a dual LCD for simultaneous display of relative humidity and Temperature (°C/°F switchable)...
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  • Extech Humidity Temperature Pen

    Extech Humidity Temperature Pen

    Compact, Digital Hygro-Thermometer, ideal for field use Simultaneous display of Temperature (°C/°F) and Relative Humidity Max/Min and Data Hold Built-in self calibration utility allows for field calibrations using optional Relative...
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  • Extech Digital Psychrometer

    Extech Digital Psychrometer

    Simultaneous display of %RH, Temperature and Dew point or Wet Bulb or Probe Temperature Wet bulb measurements without slinging Calculates T1-T2 differential (Air Temperature- External Probe Temperature) using optional probe Unique sensor cap...
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  • Extech Hygro-Thermometer & InfraRed Thermometer

    Extech Hygro-Thermometer & InfraRed Thermometer

    Humidity, Air Temperature plus IR for non-contact Temperature measurements Combination Humidity meter plus InfraRed Thermometer features a super large backlit dual display Primary and Secondary displays — Primary display is user selectable for IR or...
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  • Extech SuperHeat Psychrometer

    Extech SuperHeat Psychrometer

    Superheat differential measurements: T1-T2, Air-T1, T1-Dewpoint Dual Type K external temperature probe input Simultaneous display of %RH, Temperature and Dew point or Wet Bulb or External Probe Temperatures Built-in RS-232 interface (optional...
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  • Extech RH490 Precision Hygro-Thermometer

    Extech RH490 Precision Hygro-Thermometer

    Standard Equipment Includes: Instrument 9v Battery Instructions Carrying case Highest 2% RH accuracy with Grains Per Pound (GPP) Display Less than 30 seconds of RH response time Water vapor in GPP Dual backlit display Simultaneous...
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  • Extech Temperature & Humidity Datalogger

    Extech Temperature & Humidity Datalogger

    Datalogs up to 16,000 readings with USB interface for downloading to a PCFeatures Triple LCD displays Humidity, Temperature, and date (Year, Month, and Day) Programmable from keypad or PC Selectable data sampling rate User programmable audible and...
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  • Extech SD500: Humidity/Temperature Datalogger

    Extech SD500: Humidity/Temperature Datalogger

    Records data on an SD card in Excel® format Dual LCD simultaneously displays Relative Humidity and Temperature readings Datalogger stores readings on an SD card in Excel® format for easy transfer to a PC Selectable data sampling rate: 5, 10,...
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  • Extech Hygro-Thermo Anemometer Light Meter

    Extech Hygro-Thermo Anemometer Light Meter

    Pocket size rugged 4-in-1 meter for Humidity, Temperature, Air Velocity and Light Features Ergonomic pocket size housing with large dual LCD simultaneous display of Temperature and Air Velocity or Relative Humidity Characters on display reverse...
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  • Extech Mini Thermo-Anemometer & Humidity

    Extech Mini Thermo-Anemometer & Humidity

    Waterproof pocket size with Air Velocity, Temperature, %RH, Dew Point and Windchill Display air velocity and either Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Temperature or Windchill Selectable averaging function of 5, 10, or 13 second intervals Fold up...
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